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Traffic Lawyers, a division of Leathes Prior, is a team of solicitors and other lawyers with specialist knowledge of the laws and procedures which govern how we drive on the UK’s roads.

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If you are facing prosecution for any motoring offence we are here to help. Book an initial consultation with Tim and his team of Traffic Lawyers to discuss what we can do to help you. With over 25 years' experience, we are only a telephone call or email away.
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The Traffic Lawyers Team

Tim Cary
Partner, Leathes Prior
Tim Cary

Tim is the head Traffic Lawyers. He represents clients in Road Traffic and Criminal proceedings before both the Magistrates Courts and Crown Courts. In addition, Tim deals with Licensing including Goods and Passenger Vehicles, Taxi and Private Hire including appearances before the Traffic Commissioner and Local Authority Licensing Committees.

Tim was once a Ford Capri collector, and once swore by them. Having regretted his purchase of an Audi TT many years ago, he now drives a Lexus.

Annette Haystead
Annette Haystead

Annette Haystead is the administrator for Traffic Lawyers.  She organises meetings with the solicitors in the team and coordinates the work between them.

Annette can see herself driving a brand new red soft top Mini Cooper.  In the meantime, she is happy to cycle to work every morning.


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